Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Wall Whimsy

I have finally added to the walls in my small living room. Thanks to 3M Command Damage-Free Hanging strips, easy to use and no holes in the walls. LOVE THEM!

In the corner is a old drop leaf kitchen table which I painted last summer. It fit in the corner beautifully and is great to display more pictures and knick knacks.

My gallery wall may not be perfect but its my perfect.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Kitchen Stools

My hubby found the stools I have desired for so long. He found them at Target. I knew you could get them there but they were never in stock when I went.

Here are the stools at the kitchen island looking snazzy. My son was happy we have stools again, he loves to eat his weekend pancakes at the kitchen island. After we replaced the flooring last fall, I didn't want to return the light pine wood stools to the kitchen as the wood colors didn't match anymore. I know I could've painted them but I really was looking for a little industrial look.
We still have wants for upgrading our home. The countertops changed to a stone and the corbels (the brackets under the countertop) NEED updating. The white laminate on them are starting to discolor, looking yellow, yuck. :P

Below is another new addition to our home, a concrete pig bowl. I've place on the kitchen island near the back door to use as a catchall for keys, etc. When I park in the garage, I come through the back door and use to place my keys on the counter by the sink which is not a very good idea when someone can be a bit messy washing dishes, my keys would end up on a puddle of water. The pig bowl even has a curly tail on the other end. :)

Its funny, the bowl. Because on Saturday I was supposed to get new shoes, a few new summer clothes and I only came home with this after 3 hours of shopping. My bad. :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Big Birthday

Yesturday was my son's 14th birthday and what a birthday. He has changed so much this year he doesn't look like my little boy anymore, he is becoming a man. He has sprouted so much in the last few of months and caught me off guard one day when I was talking to him and I had to look up. We measured him and he is now 5 '8 1/2 feet tall.

It was a school day of course, so I surprised him at lunch with streamers around the house and this candy bouquet or junk pile made with his favorites.

Please look away if your diabetic. Since we don't have too much junk food around the house usually, this was a great surprise and treat for him.
The day finished off with his birthday dinner of ribs, a homemade cake and new videogames.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Corner

My blog has been lacking home décor lately so here's my TV corner. The buffet cabinet was free, we donated the top display hutch, primed, painted and gave it new knobs and handles. Its a perfect fit for this corner in our living room. I got the basket from Homesense for $5. Looks like I should look for a larger basket to better hide the outlets on the wall.

You can see our new flooring looking beautiful. It been 4 months now and I have no regrets installing it.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Retail Therapy

Retail therapy...that's what some people call it. Shopping. Sunday we ventured out in the super cold weather to the mall to get my growing son some jeans. He has grown ALOT over the winter and at only 13yrs old he is now taller than me. I'm about 5'7 so I guess its not much of a surprise he was going to be tall. His father is 5'11. It is weird to be looking up to your child when you talk to him, I never really prepared myself for that. Anyways, we found him some jeans and I made sure none of the jeans are sporting a diaper butt. That's what I call it. I sometimes have to try on 20 pairs of jeans until I find a pair that gives me a yummy butt.

On this shopping trip I did splurge on one thing for myself that wasn't on sale, a t-shirt for Victoria Secret PINK store. I have 2 shirts from there that are pushing about 5 years old. They hold their shape and are down right fun to wear. The new shirt came in this little bright pink bag with tissue paper. They know how to make a girl feel like a girl. :)

Friday, 28 February 2014

Puppy Love

I saw something the other day that was very touching. A teenage boy, about 15 yrs old walked his pitbull to the corner store, tied his dog up at the side of the building, took his winter jacket off for his pup to sit on it as he went into the store. Precious. It put a smile on my face.
Here is my furball, lurking for a piece of cheese off of my kid's plate.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A small collection of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters. I found these in tiny boxes hiding on a shelf at Giant Tiger a few years ago. I think they were about $2 each and are not made by Disney. I had to piece them together like a puzzle. They stand about 3.5 inches high and are beautifully hand painted like they came right out of the movie. The Christmas Jack is an ornament, not part of the set but fits perfectly, I got him from the flea market for $1. The cabinet was a garage sale find for $1.

I love Tim Burton's artistic ability and the creations he brings to life.
Got any strange weird collections?